How do you choose the your shampoo?

Nowadays there are different shampoos for oily or dry scalp, curly or straight hair, men or female or even different age groups. But when you’re sharing a home with your family or friends it becomes hard to have a separate shampoo according to everyone’s needs.

At Luxuriant we pride ourselves on creating a universal shampoo. Based on ancient Thai remedies our ingredients are 100% natural planted and formulated by our own scientists in Thailand. Quality is kept as a priority and we never use harmful chemicals like alcohol, sulphate and more.

Moreover, our unisex shampoo and serum can work on any kind of scalp, any hair type, age, and any weather.
This is because the herbs used have been carefully thought of to create a lasting impact. Check out some of these client reviews for our unisex set which is proving to be quite a hit with our customers.

“Excellent service, delivered on time and my hair restored in 60 days! Thank you guys.” – Mali F.

“I bought this hair treatment for my husband, he used 5 days now and we can see the difference also it has nice and fresh smell. Moreover I would love to say thank you very much for quick delivery. When I ordered I sent a message asking if I could get the delivery quickly and the manager to bring it to me the next day.” – Naimo M.

“This serum really works very well. I am so happy with the results.” – Aib B.

With 98% proven rate worldwide and 100% natural ingredients, our UNISEX SET is doing wonders. Are you ready to try yours soon?


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Abdisalam Abukar mohamed July 09, 2023


Abdisalam Abukar mohamed July 09, 2023

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