3 Hidden Lifestyle Mistakes That Are Leading To Your Hair Loss

3 Hidden Lifestyle Mistakes That Are Leading To Your Hair Loss

Are you seeing more hair strands in your shower when you shampoo? Does your hairbrush need constant cleaning? Is your hair falling and getting stuck at the back of your shirt?

These are a few mistakes in your lifestyle causing hair loss.

  • Everyone loves a steamy shower, but did you know that excess hot water strips your scalp of natural oils making your roots weak and your hair brittle and frizzy. Not only that excess water pressure leads to premature hair breakage. You can avoid this by installing an economical pressure-controlled shower head from Amazon.
  • Resisting a juicy burger sounds like a sin, right? A burger a week might not be too bad for your hair health but extra greasy food along with that coca cola to wash it down definitely weakens your hair growth. The blood circulation and nutrition to your scalp weakens, the hair follicles become greasy and thus causes your hair to fall out rapidly.
  • Your pillow cover might be a problem. As you toss and turn in bed your hair rubs against your cotton pillow cover. Cotton isn’t like silk which gives space for your hair to slide freely. Instead, it leads to creating knots, which when you brush to take out causes hair breakage and hair loss.


A few lifestyle changes can truly bring a change in your hair health.

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