One of the ways that we may make listings available to international buyers on and on our international sites is through the Global Shipping Programme. For items that are located in the UK and that are purchased from you by an international buyer in a country eligible for the Global Shipping Programme, you will post the item to a shipping centre located in the UK. A third party global technology and shipping provider will oversee the processing, customs clearance and international postage of the item to your buyer. For items that are purchased by international buyers through the Global Shipping Programme, buyers will pre-pay any applicable postage and import charges during checkout and will benefit from international tracking of the item from the shipping centre to delivery.

We may choose to make your listings available to international buyers through the Global Shipping Programme unless you opt out of the programme at either an account, country or listing level.

By not opting out of the programme, you will also be acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the Global Shipping Programme Seller Terms and Conditions and that they will apply to you as a seller and to all of your eligible new and existing listings. These terms include, among other important provisions:

  • a third party agreement for the parcel processing, customs clearance (for non-EU shipments), and international postage and tracking services, including your consent to the disclosure of certain personal information to third parties in connection with those services;
  • an authorisation for third parties to act in your place to facilitate the export clearance of items that you sell through the Global Shipping Programme outside the EU;
  • an acknowledgment that you agree and are responsible for ensuring that your listings and items are compliant with applicable overseas laws and regulations;
  • a description of the items that are ineligible for the programme and restrictions on the value, weights and dimensions of items that may be sold through the programme;
  • a list of countries that are eligible for the programme; and
  • policies governing the handling of lost, damaged and undeliverable items (including their possible disposal), returns, and the resolution of eBay Money Back Guarantee claims for items that you sell through the programme.