Start Rejuvinating Your Beard Today

We often hear about the need to take care of our body. For example exercise, eat right, sleep well etc etc but what about taking care of our hair? Luckily any hair care routine can become easy once you understand the basics. Here are 3 really easy haircare tips for men to think about which you can start TODAY!

3 Hair Care Tips for men

1. Regular haircuts are important
Mens hair health is constantly being exposed to day to day life (and the British weather). This exposure can lead to weakened strands and damaged hair. Regular cuts and grooming can over time can lead to healthier hair.

2. Use Natural products
Many chemical products can actually damage your hair so choose products made with natural ingredients like the Luxuriant growth shampoo range and which include proven ingredients to boost hair follicle health and reduce inflammation.

3. Use a Moisturising Conditioner
Protect your hair during all seasons not with just a good moisturising conditioner but also with one free of SLS, Sulphate, Alcohol and other chemicals. There are many natural products like our Luxuriant conditioner, that source the best of natural Asian herbs to create formulas which truly support hair growth and strength.



We hope that you make use of these really simple tips and create a haircare routine that works for you. Always use natural products that will increase scalp health and stimulate growth like our Luxuriant products and don’t forget to see you barber regularly!

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