4 Tips To Grow A Fuller Beard Faster

1. Have a good skincare routine  To start or increase your beard growth it’s important to unlock your hair follicles by washing your face with a gentle cleanser at least twice a day. This removes dirt and oil from the follicles and boosts growth. It’s very important to avoid skin irritation and dandruff so also use natural soap bars which promote good skin health.

2. Use Beard growth enhancers  Apart from using the correct cleansing products, you can also use recommended beard growth enhancers to stimulate facial hair. We always recommend natural beard serums that will not only get you a thicker and healthier beard, but will also act as a good moisturiser and improve skin health

3. Healthy Diet/Good rest  Having a healthy diet with important minerals like Zinc that promote your testosterone level is very important for beard growth. Your beard will grow healthier, fuller and softer with a healthy diet. We also recommend combining a healthier diet with good sleeping patterns.

4. Genetics  Hormones play an important part in starting your beard journey, or successfully growing it along the way. The thickness of your beard and the rate at which your beard grows is largely dependent on your genes. Some people say shaving increases beard growth, but studies haven’t proven that yet. Thus, this might differ from individual to individual.

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